Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents:

  1. About Arhha
  2. Arhha – The Platform
  3. Accounts of Arhha
  4. Accessibility and Permissions
  5. Restricted use of Content
  6. Content User
  7. Terms related to payment and refund.
  8. Termination of accessibility (Subscription)
  9. Confidentiality
  10. Disclaimer 


As updated on 08-07-2020

Welcome to the terms and conditions page of Arhha. All the “Terms and Conditions” mentioned here shall be deemed as an agreement between you and Arhha.  In this term “We”, “Our”, and “User(s)” refer to Arhha. Through accessing our website our application, or any other platform that belongs to us, you will be agreeing to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Please go through all these Terms and Conditions, along with the Privacy policy on the other page and all the rules, procedures made available on the institution website which shall guide you in using the platform of Arhha, software, data, and services provided to you by Arhha. You agree to sign up to the “Terms and Conditions”, the privacy policy of Arhha and other rules that shall be updated time and again. Please note that by not agreeing to any of the terms, you shall be not liable for using the platforms of Arhha.


Academic Hierarchy (About Arhha):   

The website, App, and the domain name is owned, registered, and operated by a private company registered under (Indian) Companies Act 2013. Any services, information, certificate provided through the institution website, Application shall be subject to Terms and Conditions.       

Please note that each course shall be deemed to have separate Terms and Conditions related to refunds, deferrals, payments, etc...,  All the Terms and Conditions will apply to mobile applications, emails/SMS, WhatsApp groups and all other social media platforms hosted by Arhha.

Arhha – The Platform

  1. This platform includes all the websites, apps not just limited to any material, software, and services through Arhha online classes and other services or apps that will be introduced by Arhha time and again. All the Terms and Conditions shall be liable to all the users of the platform including the trainers who shall be contributing to the content on the Arhha platform.
  2. We offer creative, upgraded higher education and corporate-relevant course and certified programs through our website www. arhha.com for students registered with us, college students, corporate individuals, and every individual who is keen on learning new programs.
  1. Our website may have access to links and content of a third party that may or may not be owned and published by Arhha. Arhha has no assessed holds no responsibility for the third-party content. By accepting the terms, you shall free Arhha from all possible liability which may occur through the usage of third-party content.  We insist you go through all the terms and conditions before using the third-party links, website, and services.
  2. Following these Terms and Conditions, Privacy policies, and other rules available on other pages you will be liable to the usage of non-transferable access to the platforms of Arhha. 
  3. By accepting our terms, you agree to it that Arhha shall have all the rights to change the terms and conditions frequently with/without prior notice. We request you to check the website regularly to know of the changes.

Accounts of Arhha

To use the programs and courses you are required to register your account with Arhha. On registering with Arhha you will be the sole user of the account and you will be liable if it comes to our notice that you have established multiple accounts. It will be completely your responsibility to keep your account password secure and do not share it with any other person and that you take all the responsibility of activities that occur on your account. You shall bring to notice of Arhha should you encounter any illegal or unauthorized activities on your account. Any damage caused through the third-party content, shall not be the responsibility of Arhha. It will be his/her sole responsibility to use the account properly and accurately.

Accessibility and Permissions

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below, you shall be permitted to using our platforms:

  1. You shall not share any material, the content of Arhha, any materialistic property, and other documents and more owned by Arhha on any other medium or platform without the written consent of Arhha.
  2. You shall not make any alteration, modification to any part of the content belonging to Arhha without permission by us.
  3. You shall not use the Arhha platform for any commercial use unless you have obtained written authorization from Arhha such as advertisements, sponsorship's, promotions, or any kind of sales.
  4. You shall receive all updates and any installation information from time to time by Arhha. The updates are developed to improve the functions, software, to fix bugs, to provide you with new and improved versions of the website. Arhha will hold all rights to modify these terms either generally or anything in specific with/without prior notice.
  1. You are bound to send in your thoughts comments, post reviews, provide suggestions ideas, content, and other communication till it is legal, and does not violate our privacy policies, shall not be obscene, threading, injurious to a third party, or infringement of intellectual property owned by us. It should not consist of political agenda, software virus, spam, mass mailing, and more.
  2. Arhha upholds all the rights to suspend any feature of the platform at any time with/without notice. While using our platform you shall strictly comply with all the rules and regulations provided by us.


Restricted use of content

  The following restrictions shall be applicable for the use of the content on our platform

  1. All logos, services marks, trademarks, videos, images, software, graphics, and all materialistic properties, documents are owned by Arhha and shall be subjected to copyright and intellectual property rights as per the law.
  2. You shall not be liable to download any content unless you find a “download” or any similar link provided by Arhha. You are strictly prohibited from copying, modifying, reproducing the content, and publishing on any public platforms, transmit, broadcast, online, or electronically transmit, sell or make any exploitation by using the content and property provided by Arhha and that which solely belongs to us. All such rights are strictly reserved by Arhha.
  3. You shall not be allowed to interfere in any of the security-related issues or in the modification of any features of content that violates the copyright issues.
  4. We request you to be responsible while using the platform, as you may be exposed to different kinds of content from multiple sources that may be inaccurate, offensive, illegal content, and Arhha shall not hold responsibility for any loss caused through the same.


Content User

You shall hold every responsibility of the content submitted by you on the platform by following all the terms and conditions. Further, you will assure that user content produced by you does hold any content of any third-party that is subjected to copyright issues. You should also confirm that the content submitted is free from:

  1. Free from inaccuracy, false and misinformative.
  2. Content with copyright issues, trademark, services mark, publicity rights, or any kind of privacy issues from any third-party.
  3. Violating the state, national law, or use of any illegal activities.
  4. Fraudulent, indecent, discriminating against any human that may harm or provide a threat to others.
  5. All kinds of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, cancel bots, or any kind of virus that can cause damage to data or personal information belonging to Arhha.


You shall also agree that during your program you shall not harass any co-user, students, lecture, or staff members or shall not create an atmosphere of discomfort among co-user, students, and lectures by passing any kind of offensive comments. If Arhha finds you in such situations or activities mentioned above, you shall be terminated or suspended without any notice with legal actions against you.

Terms related to payment and refund

To make a payment for any related course offered by Arhha, you are required to access the valid "payment-method" as shown during your sign-up. Arhha does not possess any of the credit card information or any financial information restricted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). If you opt for payment through third party platforms you agree to the terms of such payment provider and Arhha will not be liable for any damages or misuse of information caused through the third party and you will solely responsible for the same.

Failure of making payment on time will result in the withdrawal of your right to access the course. Taxes will be included in the payment as per the law. You can cancel your subscriptions at any time by giving prior notice. No refund shall not be provided once the payment is made and after the commencement of the course, lack of usage, and dissatisfaction from any course or program. All the refunds will be subject to the refund policies of Arhha. A course demo shall be free of cost and shall be limited to a specific period. Demos will not be enabled with any other course offers. During the demo, you will not be liable for certain features of the courses.

Termination of accessibility (Subscription)

Arhha holds all the rights to terminate the user if found to be violating the copyrights, illegal activities, breaching terms and conditions of Arhha, conducting any activity that harms the operation, or affects Arhha or any other party, and f your behavior is inappropriate that may bring claims against Arhha.

Arhha holds all the rights to suspend the user if it is brought to light that their account is being misused.

If the user is terminated on any of the above grounds, Arhha shall hold back all your payments.


The user shall keep all the material confidential and shall not disclose any confidential information or data to any third party during your course of the program with us or thereafter


By agreeing to all terms and conditions mentioned above, you agree that you shall use our platform at your risk and that you abide by all the terms and conditions given by us.