Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Table of Contents

  • Basic
  • Relevance
  • Usage
  • Personal information
  • Use of information/Data
  • Sharing of information/data
  • Protection and confidentiality of information
  • Cookies and Web Beacons
  • Addressing the queries



In this policy the terms " we", "our", "user(s)", is referred to Arhha institution. The privacy policy highlights the process through which information is collected and used by us. It also helps us in-person identification.  All the information obtained under terms of service with our website, App (which is together referred to as "platform") Arhha is entitled to protect our loyal content user privacy. Arhha requires authorized and basic information from you, and the same will be used by our representatives.

To protect your privacy and personal information, Arhha time and again modifies and reviews the data on our systems. We take strict action on any complaint regarding a breach of policy and if anyone is found guilty, they will be held accountable for the same. If a user does not accept any of the terms and privacy policies of Arhha, he/she shall be disabled from using the platform and can be terminated immediately. If they continue to access the content on our platform and provide any information that belongs to Arhha to a third-party or so, the user will be held liable for such incident and stern action shall be taken against them for violation of our policies.


Arhha requests you all to read and understand all the policies terms of service on our platform before submitting any kind of personal information, as privacy policy is bound to apply to every user. If in case you mistakenly publish any kind of personal information without reading the privacy policy of the platform, you can adjust, modify, delete the information on taking written authorization by Arhha. All the policies and terms of service are entitled to the website, apps and every platform owned by Arhha. Please note that the platform may also access the content from a third party along with their cookies, virus, spam, other files on your device, that may collect your data, information for which Arhha does not hold any liability. Arhha does not guarantee accuracy, integrity, software, data, images, videos, SMS, the material of the website coming from a third-party. Arhha insists the user read the privacy policies and terms of service of such websites before using the same.

Arhha takes all the precautions to secure the personal information of our users and will take all the measures to keep it safe and confidential as per industry standards which have been implemented to protect all the personal information from defaulters, unlawful modification, disclosure and misuse of personal data.


Arhha empowers its users who have registered themselves for the courses and certificate related programs to use its platforms without sharing any personal information or creating an account. For better usage of all the features of our platform, we recommend you create an account with our platform. Any kind of third-party information (that does not belong to Arhha) shared through lectures, experts, outsiders will not be the responsibility of Arhha.

The users are applicable to provide certain information at the time of registration, or while creating an account on our platform and additional information shall also be obtained from you, to provide you with customized services and additional features. By accepting to our policies, you agree to receive promotional updates from Arhha. We assure you that no personal information or data will be shared with any third party without your consent. For its internal development and to provide better services to students, Arhha shall keep the record of phone calls made from both sides, feedbacks, and other enquires made by you.

Personal information

User name, age, email address, contact number, social-economic status, social security/tax identification number, educational qualification(s), working experiences(if any), or any other financial related information or and additional information collected from you during the time of registration shall be deemed as "personal information". By accepting the terms of services of Arhha you will render us the accessibility to use the personal information provided by you. In case the information submitted by you is found to be inaccurate or if it requires any changes you can request us through written consent or mail to delete or modify the same. You shall be required to verify your identity while modifying your details. Arhha ensures that all the precautions, safety measures are taken to protect your privacy and personal information. Arhha shall hold your information to communicate with you any information either through calls, messages, or mail. All communication between you and Arhha shall be protected by end-to-end encryption. Our platforms will not hold any liability if the third party gets access to any of your data or personal information.

Your data may be shared with a third party, who shall require obtaining such information as per the rules and regulations of the government of India according to the law. This shall be done to protect Arhha from any kind of violation of the right and to ensure the safety of our platform.


Use of Information/Data

The information collected from you shall be used to provide you with information related to classes, programs, and to provide you with better services. Arhha does not make any call, mail, or message related to any kind of marketing the products or services of a third-party except the purpose of obtaining the information for feedbacks, regarding complaints, to convey about the new features, course fee/payments, and more. Arhha shall always contact you from its authorized mail, phone number, or in-person. Arhha does not encourage you to use random links that may appear on its platform and requests you to be responsible while using the platform. A user has all right to withdraw from the platform if he/she finds that the policies are not safe by giving written consent. Arhha shall take all measures to ensure that your data/information is in safe hands.


Sharing of information

In addition to the above information, Arhha shall be liable to share relevant information to a third party, some of them would be:

  1. Educational partners: we shall share the information with relevant universities, companies that will help us and our users to learn and to get practical experience of our programs more efficiently. This shall also involve your mentors, lecturers from these universities/companies. Educational partners shall also be liable for privacy policies as per the law.
  2. Sponsors and Recruitment providers: If your programs/classes are sponsored or if a company is looking for candidates amongst whom you fit in we hold the right to share your data/information.
  3. Services provider: marketing, mentoring, sales, analytics, research team, customer service provider, billing, data storage, security, fraud prevention team, credit /payment facilities, legal service provider for all the above-mentioned services shall be deemed as a third-party and shall have access to your information/data.
  4. Recruiters: If the user has chosen the recruitment program while registering, Arhha shall share their information with potential recruiters, job providers, consultation agencies so that they shall connect with you directly. You shall be exposed to more opportunities from authorized recruiters.
  5. Network service provider and government disclosure: Arhha is liable to share your information with these third parties to provide you with better network services and to follow all the rules, regulations laid down by state/central government.



Protection and confidentiality of information


Arhha takes all necessary precautions to see to it that your information is safe and secure from all kinds of threats. Arhha may/may not notify you while upgrading its features. All your emails, calls, messages, and other details shall be treated as confidential and shall be disclosed only on any essential use.

Addressing the privacy queries


If the user has any queries/questions related to privacy policies, terms of services, or any other queries you are always free to enquire from our help desk. Arhha shall be happy to resolve your queries.