Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Cookies and web beacons


Cookies contain minute details/information saved by your browser while accessing various websites on your computer/laptop/mobile phone.  It keeps the record of your entire visit and that, in turn, will be saved in your system and on our site, as well with third parties. Web beacons are small file links that are connected to our servers and third parties which shall keep the record of users.


Arhha may/may not use cookies and/or Web Beacons to identify frequent visitors and various content the user is looking for, time spent by users on our platform, and other functions that the user is looking for. Cookies and Web beacons will enable Arhha to serve/ provide the user more efficiently and even provide personalized services on our platform. Arhha assures you that cookies and web beacons are not used to obtain any kind of personal information.

Arhha shall grant third parties such as advertising companies including social media sites (Face book, Google, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)to place cookies and web beacons on our platform. These social media platforms and advertising companies keep the record of various activities across various sites/platforms and provide you with multiple ads that you’re looking for and help in browsing the relevant content. The cookies and Web beacons save the information related to the content browsed by you along with the identifier linked to your system or IP address.

You shall have full control over how and where cookies and web beacons will be accepted by your system. Most of the cookies and web beacons provide you with instructions on how to use or reset browsing history. To reject the cookies, you may go to the help desk and cancel it, but remember that canceling cookies will cause many functions, features of the platform to not work efficiently.